Numeracy Links

Here are some fun games and websites to help with different maths areas.  Just click on the picture to play!

There are also many more maths games at Maths Zone. Just choose the area of maths you want to practise down the side, then click on the game you want.

There are also lots of games at Fun4theBrain:
Addition games at Fun4theBrain 
Subtraction games at Fun4theBrain

Number Knowledge

Number Order and Skip Counting

Number Identification

Place Value

Odd and Even

Less than and Greater Than

Basic Facts - addition and subtraction to 20


Basic Facts - 2x 5x and 10x tables


Algebra - number and picture patterns



Fun Maths Videos and Songs
Here are some videos and songs that we are learning in class to help with our maths.

Fractions song:

Counting to 100 - we can get fit and learn to count to 100 at the same time!

We love singing this song and using the little clocks to match the time on the screen

A cool song for learning the doubles to 10

Learning the doubles to 20

      Skip count in 2s, 5s and 10s

      Big Numbers Song (count to 1 trillion!)

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