Apps we use in B4

Check out all the amazing apps B4 use to support our learning!

The apps are sorted in learning areas. All apps are classroom tested for educational value, and FUN factor!


iWriteWords (Handwriting Game)
Iwrite words – This is a fantastic app for teaching letter and number formation. There are 5 different activities, numbers, Upper case letters, Upper case words, Lower case letters and Lower case words. Each level starts with a tutorial, so the children pick it up quickly! It’s fantastic because it forces them to start the letter in the right place and follow the right path. The interface (a little crab) is cute. 
Reading Raven HD

Reading Raven – An app the focuses on developing early literacy skills. Children will practice letter formation, matching letters to their sounds, sounding out and forming simple words, using blends etc. An awesome app for developing literacy. 

ABC Phonics Word Family -  preschool kindergarten reading skill
Word Family App – This app does exactly what it says on the box: it teaches children to create and recognize words that belong in a word family. The app has a REALLY comprehensive list of 2 and 3 letter word families, and simple games that come when you click on each one. Children will pick up how to play after only one or two sessions and they LOVE it because completing a word families activities earns them an interactive sticker.

This Week's Words

This Weeks Words – This app is AMAZING for teaching children their spelling words. The children will LOVE the space theme and you can programme it with words specific to your class, or the child, which is ideal.

Sentence Builder App

Sentence builder – Does what it says on the box – children have to build sentences by dragging the words and full stop in the correct order. The sentence is spoken once, and can be repeated if they touch the speaker. This helps with understand of sentence structure, especially for children who speak a second language. It also helps with word recognition. 

Phonics Make a Word 1

Make a word – Good app for teaching sounding out for early words. This app gets you to drag letters in order to build simple words 2 or 3 letter words with a short vowel in the middle. The app says the word, and has a picture also. To start you choose your vowel from the home screen. Every 5 words correct earns the children a dinosaur sticker.

Word bingo – A great app for high frequency word recognition and spelling. There are two types of play: Word bingo is exactly as it is with any bingo… the children touch the word spoken. If they get it right, they place a bug, if not they try again. The other game is spelling practice: A word is spoken and the children have to spell it by dragging the letters into the correct order. Completing 10 words correctly will give them a mini-game reward.


Motion Math: Wings

Wings – An interactive game where children are a bird and have to fly to the bigger set of objects. Great for counting skills and instant recognition of big and small sets (estimation).

Math Bingo

Math Bingo – A great app for later in the year when we start Add/Sub. Children have to click on the answer to addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problems. This app can also be found on the web at, with many other amazing literacy and numeracy games. 

Love to Count by Pirate Trio

Love to Count (by Pirate Trio) – A great app for ordering and identifying numbers, counting, fractions and early addition. Perfect for the early maths expected at your child’s level!

Miscellaneous Apps for storytelling and FUN! 

Sock puppets
Sock Puppets – A very cute app that is great to help children who struggle with oral language, or coming up with ideas for stories. The app allows you to choose sock puppets, backdrops and props, then allows you to record a 30 second ‘show’ with the puppets, with movement and voices. It will then alter your voice and play it back. We often use this for inquiry work, or to develop ideas for story writing.

Puppet Pals HD

Puppet Pals HD – Similar to sock puppets, but the children choose characters instead of puppets. Great for oral story telling, helping children organize their ideas and sequence a story. 

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Edu-creations - A wonderful app for organizing and sharing ideas. The app works very simply - simply click on the 'record' button, and draw on the whiteboard while talking about what you are drawing. Children can use this for telling a story orally about pictures they draw, illustrating their math facts etc. When the picture is finished, you can email it to yourself as a 'video'.

Pic Collage

Pic-Collage - A really fun app for sharing experiences. Children take photos and organize them into a collage. They can add text and stickers, and share the collages they make through email, facebook etc. Check out our blogpost about the collages we made with our buddy class.

There are many other great educational apps out there. If you have any you use with your child, please let me know, or leave a comment below!

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