Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Excellence Award for Term 4

Rayan received our the Principal's Excellence Award for Term 4 for our class.  It was handed out on Monday at our assembly and today Rayan had a special morning tea with our principal Mrs Henderson.  Here is a photo of Rayan with his award at assembly on Monday.  Congratulations Rayan!  You can be relied on to always try your very best in everything you do!  You should be very proud!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Commotion in the Ocean - Junior Show

What an exciting week we have had!  Last week was show week for the juniors, and we gave three amazing performances of our show Commotion in the Ocean.  Each junior class, or pair of classes, was a different sea creature.  B4 were Sea Turtles and we performed a song called Here We Go about baby Sea Turtles and a dance to the song Turtle Rock.  There were a lot of moves to remember, but we were all superstars!  The hall was decorated with pictures of sea creatures and we even had special coloured lights above the stage to make us feel like real actors!

Here are some pictures from our performances and of us dressed in our turtle costumes.  At the bottom is a video of our item from the show.  We hope you enjoy watching it!