Friday, 25 October 2013

Excellence Awards Term 3

At our assembly on Monday, Mrs Henderson handed out the Excellence Awards for Term 3.  Micaela received the award for B4.  Micaela always has a smile on her face and tries her very best at everything.  She is also always willing to help other children or the teacher.  Tino pai Micaela!  Here are some photos of her receiving her award.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Rocky Shore Trip

Our inquiry this term is called "Ride the Wave to the Rocky Shore".  We will be learning about the creatures that live at the Rocky Shore and about how the tides affect these creatures.  We started our tuning in on Tuesday with an exciting trip to the Island Bay Marine Education Centre.  Unfortunately the weatherman didn't remember to organise a lovely sunny day for us, so we had to explore the rock pools in the rain.  We still had lots of fun finding interesting creatures living in the rock pools.  After exploring outside we got to go inside the centre and touch lots of different animals in the touch tanks and look at the different fish in the tanks.   We saw crabs, starfish, anemones, limpets, sea cucumbers, fish, an octopus, sea horses, turtles, pipe fish, carpet sharks, eels, and lots and lots of seaweed!  See if you can name some of the creatures in our video.

Here is a short video of an Octopus we saw.  Can you work out how it moves around the tank?