Wednesday, 4 September 2013

SPCA Superheroes

Today we had a visit from some real-life superheroes who help animals!  Jennifer and some of her friends from the SPCA talked to us about what the SPCA does and what animals need from us to be safe and healthy.

We learned lots of things about the SPCA:
  • SPCA stands for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • The SPCA started in 1884, so it has been around for a long time!
  • Each year Wellington SPCA helps about 6,000 animals
  • They educate people about how to care for animals
  • They investigate people who are not treating their animals properly
  • They help people find lost pets and rehome animals
  • They help animals who are in trouble

We found out that animals need 5 things to be healthy
  • food and water
  • exercise
  • shelter
  • love
  • vet/doctor care
These five things are the same things that people need to be healthy too!

Jennifer told us that we can help animals by
  • contacting the SPCA if we see an animal in trouble
  • getting our pets fixed so they don't have unwanted puppies or kittens
  • donating money to the SPCA or fundraising money for them
  • volunteering at the SPCA when we are a bit older
  • looking after our pets

At the end of our talk we got to pat Baxter, a cute puppy that the SPCA is caring for until he can go to a new forever home.  He was so cute, bouncy and soft.  Some of us even got a kiss (lick) on our hands from him!  

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