Thursday, 5 September 2013

Army Superheroes

We were lucky enough to have a visit from some people in the Army last week!  David (James from B1's dad) and Toby came to our school to talk to us about what the army does and what equipment they need.

We made a list of White Hat facts that we learned about the army from David:

  • Our army helps our close neighbours on operations
  • Being in the Army is exciting and an adventure.  Every day is different.
  • There are about 5,000 people in the army
  • They can go away for a long time and look after themselves
  • There are lots of different soldiers - cooks, drivers, mechanics, doctors, engineers, teachers...
  • Every soldier has a pack and a tent
  • Soldiers get a medal for each operation they go on
  • David has been on lots of operations all over the world doing different things - in Afghanistan he helped to find and defuse old bombs; in Papua New Guinea he helped with the elections.
  • It costs $1 million if you want to buy a tank
  • Tanks help you to go safely anywhere because they are strong and bullets bounce off them
  • Lots of Army operations are Peacekeeping Missions 
  • You have to train for 1 year to become an Army Cadet
  • When you are out on an operation in the bush, you have to dig a hole for a toilet!

Toby showed us his pack.  It is a like a house you carry on your back and it weighs 45-50kg!
Inside it is lots of useful things:
  • raincoat
  • tent
  • sleeping bag
  • lots of water
  • dried, packaged food to last a day - muesli, noodles, crackers, chocolate, biscuits,  chilli with rice, dried fruit, even cheese in a tin!

Toby also has a uniform that keeps him safe.  He has a Kevlar vest, helmet and 20kg of body armour!  Kingston got to try on the heavy Kevlar vest.

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