Friday, 27 September 2013

Road Safety Show

Today we had a very special visitor - Ronald McDonald came to our school to teach us all about road safety.  We learned that we have to put on our seatbelt and "Make It Click" when we are in the car.  When we are crossing the road or driveways we have to remember to Stop, Look and Listen for cars and cross when it is safe.  We should never run out onto the road or across driveways without looking as there could be cars and it is dangerous.  Today is the last day of school before the holidays, so it was a good reminder for us all to make sure we keep safe in cars and around roads.

Spring writing

We have been very excited in B4 to watch the change of season from winter to spring.  We have noticed that lots of trees have blossoms on them and there are more birds chirping around our school.  The weather is getting warmer and it has been very windy.  Some of us have even seen baby lambs in some paddocks.

We thought about what Spring looked like, sounded like and felt like and we used our ideas to write some descriptions of Spring.  We also made some lovely Spring blossom trees using our fingerprints for blossoms.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Angelica Sprocket's Pockets

Our blend this week was Spr.  We read the book Angelica Sprocket's Pockets by Quentin Blake.  This is a funny story about a lady who has an amazing overcoat with pockets galore.  She has all sorts of things in her pockets.

We put on our Green Thinking Hats and came up with some interesting new ideas for what Angelica could have in one of her pockets.  Then we decorated a pocket to put on our own giant picture of Angelica.

The pockets lift up so you can see what is inside.  Here are some pictures of some of the things our Angelica keeps in her pockets.  Come into B4 to find out what else she is hiding!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Superhero Art!

We created some amazing Superhero Art for our calendar art fundraising this year.   We used pastel and dye and collage techniques to make artworks that show us as superheroes flying over a city!  We got to chose if we wanted to do a night-time or day-time picture.

Here is a quick slideshow of our artworks for parents who are interested in seeing their child's art before ordering.  You can also come into the classroom and see them in person. Please bear in mind that the art will look much, much better once it is scanned professionally and printed on lovely glossy paper for the calendar.  These are just some quick photos to give you an idea of what your child's artwork looks like.  If you would like to see an example of a printed calendar or card, I have these available in the classroom for you to view.

Thanks for your support with this school fundraiser.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Army Superheroes

We were lucky enough to have a visit from some people in the Army last week!  David (James from B1's dad) and Toby came to our school to talk to us about what the army does and what equipment they need.

We made a list of White Hat facts that we learned about the army from David:

  • Our army helps our close neighbours on operations
  • Being in the Army is exciting and an adventure.  Every day is different.
  • There are about 5,000 people in the army
  • They can go away for a long time and look after themselves
  • There are lots of different soldiers - cooks, drivers, mechanics, doctors, engineers, teachers...
  • Every soldier has a pack and a tent
  • Soldiers get a medal for each operation they go on
  • David has been on lots of operations all over the world doing different things - in Afghanistan he helped to find and defuse old bombs; in Papua New Guinea he helped with the elections.
  • It costs $1 million if you want to buy a tank
  • Tanks help you to go safely anywhere because they are strong and bullets bounce off them
  • Lots of Army operations are Peacekeeping Missions 
  • You have to train for 1 year to become an Army Cadet
  • When you are out on an operation in the bush, you have to dig a hole for a toilet!

Toby showed us his pack.  It is a like a house you carry on your back and it weighs 45-50kg!
Inside it is lots of useful things:
  • raincoat
  • tent
  • sleeping bag
  • lots of water
  • dried, packaged food to last a day - muesli, noodles, crackers, chocolate, biscuits,  chilli with rice, dried fruit, even cheese in a tin!

Toby also has a uniform that keeps him safe.  He has a Kevlar vest, helmet and 20kg of body armour!  Kingston got to try on the heavy Kevlar vest.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

SPCA Superheroes

Today we had a visit from some real-life superheroes who help animals!  Jennifer and some of her friends from the SPCA talked to us about what the SPCA does and what animals need from us to be safe and healthy.

We learned lots of things about the SPCA:
  • SPCA stands for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • The SPCA started in 1884, so it has been around for a long time!
  • Each year Wellington SPCA helps about 6,000 animals
  • They educate people about how to care for animals
  • They investigate people who are not treating their animals properly
  • They help people find lost pets and rehome animals
  • They help animals who are in trouble

We found out that animals need 5 things to be healthy
  • food and water
  • exercise
  • shelter
  • love
  • vet/doctor care
These five things are the same things that people need to be healthy too!

Jennifer told us that we can help animals by
  • contacting the SPCA if we see an animal in trouble
  • getting our pets fixed so they don't have unwanted puppies or kittens
  • donating money to the SPCA or fundraising money for them
  • volunteering at the SPCA when we are a bit older
  • looking after our pets

At the end of our talk we got to pat Baxter, a cute puppy that the SPCA is caring for until he can go to a new forever home.  He was so cute, bouncy and soft.  Some of us even got a kiss (lick) on our hands from him!  

Urban Search and Rescue Superhero

Yesterday Matua Whaitiri, our school Kapa Haka teacher, came to talk to us about one of his other jobs as a real-life superhero.  He is a volunteer with Urban Search and Rescue.  Matua told us about what he does and showed us his uniform.

We found out that Urban Search and Rescue help people during and after:

  • storms
  • floods
  • snowstorms
  • earthquakes
  • tsunami

Some of the equipment they need is:

  • first aid kit
  • helmet
  • suit with reflective tape on it
  • personal line (rope for tying themselves to a safe place when they are up high)
  • stretchers
  • lights
  • vehicles

Matua told us about some of the operations that he has been involved in.  He went to Queensland in Australia in 2011 to help out after some big floods.  He also helped out in Christchurch after the earthquakes with checking damaged buildings for people.

We thought it sounded like a very interesting, important and exciting job!

Shapes are everywhere!

We have been learning about geometry as part of maths.  We became shape detectives and went on a shape hunt in the classroom and the playground to see how many 2D shapes we could find.  We discovered that our whole world is made up of shapes and we found lots of different shapes everywhere we looked!  We found squares, triangles, circles, diamonds, octagons, stars, pentagons and hexagons.  Watch our video to see some of the 2D shapes we found on our shape hunt.

What shapes have you found around your house or garden?