Tuesday, 30 July 2013

100th Day of School!

As part of our place value knowledge, we have been keeping track of how many days we have been at school.  Each day we do lots of learning about our number of the day and have been  counting down until our 100th day.  Yesterday was our 100th day of school and we celebrated by doing lots of fun activities and reading books to do with the number 100.  We also dressed up as something to do with 100 (as a hundred-year-old or with 100 "things" stuck to us) and had a yummy shared lunch!  Here are some pictures and video from our celebrations.

Reading books to do with the number 100:

Look how many ways we can write 100!

Some thinking we did about the number 100:

A video of our cool costumes and some fun things we did in our classroom:


  1. I checked your blog to see how your 100 days went and I just loved the video that Mrs. Harrington took. Some of your costumes were awesome. I really laughed when I read the list of things you would like 100 of and not like 100 of.
    Keep working hard and having fun. From Mrs. Lee ( Mrs. Harrington's Mum!)

  2. I love celebrating 100 days of school. It's so exciting when you have got into the nineties and you know there aren't many days to go. You all look like you enjoyed the day and I think you had very clever ideas for your costumes. Are you going to count to 200 days? From Mrs Bright Westbrook School Rotorua.