Friday, 7 June 2013

Captain Quake writing

Every week we read a different big book in our classroom and one day each week we write about our big book.  We read the book "Captain Quake and Big Bird" by Jill Eggleton and then we wrote some character descriptions of Captain Quake.  Here are some of our amazing stories.  We used pastel and dye to make our pictures of Captain Quake.


  1. I really like your clear and creative writing and wonderful pictures B4! Captain Quake sure sounds like a bossy old pair of britches! Keep up the good work!

    Lucy's Dad

  2. I was so impressed with your descriptions of the pirate that I had to read them all.I am now off to the library at my school to see if we have that book. I don't have my own class this year but I do take the year 2 classes once a week and we have been having fun with picture books which use great language. You are on the way to becoming great authors just like Jill Eggleton.
    From Mrs. Lee at Westbrook primary in Rotorua (Mrs. Harrington's Mum)