Thursday, 23 May 2013

Gooey Marshmallow Sandwiches

Our inquiry this term is called "What's Hot?".  We will be investigating heat and how heat can change things.

Today we read this recipe in a Junior Journal and tried it out ourselves.  

First we predicted what would happen and what our sandwiches would look like.  We wrote these on our experiment sheet.  Here are some of our ideas:

"I think it will go all gooey and slimy" - Rayan
"I think it will go burnt" - Luca
"I think it will melt and get squishy and get runny" - Holly
"I think it will go hot and get gooey" - Mia

Then we made our sandwiches with biscuits and mini marshmallows.

Then we put them in the microwave

When we took them out of the microwave, we looked at them to see how they had changed.  The marshmallows had got bigger and they had melted.  Here are some of the observations we wrote.

"The marshmallow stuck to the biscuit.  It looked like chewing gum." - Krupal
"It looked like gum and it was hot" - Aimen
"It squashed" - Kingston
"It went all over the edges of the biscuit" - Harrison
"It went all gooey and squishy.  It tasted yum." - Lucy

Then we got to eat them - yum! They were delicious!

Here is one of our experiment sheets.  What great predictions and observations we made.  We are becoming fabulous scientists.

We talked about why we thought the marshmallows had changed.  We thought the microwave heated the marshmallows up and then melted them.    We have seen the same thing happen before at home with chocolate and butter.

If you would like to try this at home, the recipe is at the top of this blog post.  We used plain biscuits, but we think they would taste even yummier with chocolate biscuits!  


  1. Wow, B4 they look like a very yummy experiment. You have made some great observations. Kirsty (Mia's Mum)

  2. I love it when you can eat your science experiments!

    I really liked how you made a prediction of what you thought would happen and then performed the experiment to see what happened. That takes some clever thinking! Keep it up you fabulous scientists!

    Lucy's Dad

  3. Hi B4 and Mrs Harrington!
    We loved your blog post so much that we decided to try making Marshmallow Sandwiches today in E6! We put your blog post on the projector screen so we could see the instructions. We loved your photos of the marshmallow after it had been heated up. We thought that the marshmallow looked stretchy and gooey, and Anika thinks it looked a little bit like chewing gum! Thank you for sharing your learning with us and giving us a YUMMY idea and experiment to try out (and thank you Mrs Harrington for sharing your microwave with us!) From E6.