Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Year 2 Soccer Tournament

Today was our Year 2 Soccer Tournament.  We all had lots of fun running around the fields and kicking the ball.  Check out all the action in this video.

Beautiful butterfly visitor

On Monday Holly brought in some Monarch caterpillar chrysalis' on a branch to show the class.  One of them was almost ready to hatch into a butterfly so we patiently watched all day Monday and Tuesday.  Finally, after school on Tuesday, it hatched while Mrs Harrington was at a meeting.  Here is a picture of it just after it hatched:

Mrs Harrington put the branch carefully in the garden overnight in case it decided to fly away, but it was still there this morning.  We thought it might be too cold to fly, so we brought the butterfly back into the classroom to warm up.  Soon it started slowly flapping its wings.

Just as the bell rung this morning at 9am, it started flying up into the air and landing back on the branch, so we said goodbye and put it into the garden to fly away and explore the world.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Grandparents Day

Last Thursday, just before Easter, we invited our grandparents and other special friends to visit our school for the morning as part of our learning about families.  First we shared some songs with them and then we did some fun Easter activities in our classroom.  After all that fun, we finished with a yummy shared morning tea.  What a great way to end the week!  Here is a video with some photos of what we got up to.  The soundtrack is one of the songs we sang to our grandparents.