Friday, 22 March 2013

Meet Milo Monkey

Last week B4 welcomed a new class member.  His name is Milo Monkey.  Each weekend he will go home with someone from the class who has been working extra hard all week.  They will write about Milo's adventures in his adventure book and then on Monday the rest of the class will hear all about what they have been up to at the weekend.  Milo was a bit shy joining our class, so he has spent this week sitting in our classroom and getting to know everyone.  Today he went home with Lucy!  Well done Lucy!  We hope you have a great weekend together!

Here are some photos of Milo Monkey having fun at Mrs Harrington's house last weekend.  So far we have found out he is very good at climbing trees, reading books and helping on the computer.  Mrs Harrington thinks he might be very good at helping with homework and cooking too!

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