Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Gardening Fun

Now that our sunflowers and tomato plants have finished, we need to plant some more things in our class garden.  Today we planted some seeds into pots so that we can raise some seedlings.  We went behind the art room and had a peek at our new school worm farm before we started planting.  There were lots of busy worms working hard to eat our fruit scraps from our compost buckets.  The worm farm is in an old bath - we thought that was a great recycling idea!

We have been saving yoghurt pots from our lunchboxes so that we can re-use them as seed pots.  We carefully scooped out some potting mix into the pots and then planted some pea, snow-pea, cauliflower, lettuce and spinach seeds.

Lastly we gave them a drink.  Because there is a drought at the moment, we weren't allowed to use water from the tap to water our seeds.  Luckily at our school we have a clever rainwater tank that saves the water from the roof of our art room so we still have plenty of water to give our seeds a drink.

Some children from B4 will be taking our seed pots home to care for them until they are big strong seedlings that we can plant in our garden.  We will also be planting some different seeds straight into our garden next week.  We can't wait until we can harvest all the yummy vegetables we are growing!

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  1. Growing your own vegetables is a great idea B4! Home grown vegetables taste far nicer and much sweeter than the supermarket vegetables. What do you think will taste best? A cauliflower sandwich, spinach on toast or should we just eat our vegetables with dinner instead?

    Keep up the good work B4!

    Lucy's Dad