Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Outside maths!

In maths we have been learning about statistics and how to make a tally chart and graph.  We have learnt this Tally Chant that helps us to remember how to write tally marks:

Today we joined up with B5 and went outside to count the cars that went past our school.  We wanted to find out what was the most common colour of car that went past on Kings Crescent.

We all lined up along the fence in our groups with our tally charts:

We carefully recorded the cars we saw:

Then we had a talk about what we found out.  We discovered that lots of cars go past our school!  It was quite tricky doing the tally marks as we had to write quite quickly.  We counted up our tally marks and learned that the most common colour of car that went past our school was white.  There were also lots of silver and grey cars that we recorded as "other".

Finally we went back to our classrooms and made graphs from the data we collected.   It was tricky sticking the cars on straight!  We also had to be careful writing our numbers up the graph so that they matched with the cars.

Now that you know how to make a tally chart and graph, maybe you could do one at home too!


  1. What a fun way to learn maths! Great job B4!

  2. Tejal (Rayan's mum)24 February 2013 at 10:35

    Well Done B4. Seems like you had great fun learning statistics & Maths. Have you tried making a Tally graph at home ??